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Empower IT professionals to transform your business with comprehensive IT training from API Systems, Inc.

After more than 20 years in the IT business we have developed a solid understanding of the enterprise IT environment and what it takes to support it. Since 2007, API Systems, Inc. has offered IT training solutions to provide educational programs that prepare top-quality IT professionals for your business needs.

With our knowledge of the enterprise IT environment and our ability to analyze requirements, create project plans and recruit top IT professionals, we’ve developed a unique training approach. Our custom training systems are based on real world scenarios and are developed around your business’s operational needs.

Our unique IT training approach helps develop an understanding of how technology affects your business strategy and how a well-defined IT solution can result in a measurable competitive advantage. Our training is designed to provide students with the skills you’re looking for in the next generation of IT professionals.

Custom IT training programs feature the latest releases of Oracle, Microsoft, EMC and Citrix, as well as the newest programming techniques. Plus additions and updates to Java and Visual Studio. Our offerings in business analysis—plus our designation as an Endorsed Education Provider through IIBA sets us apart.

API Systems, Inc.’s IT training programs are led by instructors with a unique blend of business and training experience. That results in practical training systems, which produce more applicable knowledge in less time.

Business Analysts lead the way to project success, thanks to custom IT training!

Why do 68% of software projects fail? It’s usually the result of poor business and technology requirements. Typically, an organization with insufficient structure lacks a defined role for the Business Analyst. When the formal requirements gathering process is absent, the end result is usually failure.

How do you ensure project success? Our highly customizable IT training programs begin at the core of the requirements gathering process—the Business Analyst (BA). The BA, also known as a Systems Analyst, Requirements Analyst, or Requirements Engineer, plays a key role in every software development project.

A well-trained, experienced BA can bring structure and order to the requirements gathering process, improving the success rate of software projects. Once the responsibility of the BA has been established, we can help expand other roles such as Java Developer, Microsoft Developer and Quality Assurance Analyst.

 Learn how IT training transforms your business with API’s Center of Excellence!

Our Center of Excellence is a three-tiered custom IT training program that enables you to establish and build upon the key skills of the BA within their IT teams. Each tier of the system is designed to increase the successful delivery of shared business and IT projects. We use analytical tools and procedures to assess and determine the skill level of your team. Each learning path targets critical roles (i.e. Java Developer, Microsoft Developer and Quality Assurance Tester) within the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Benefit from three-tiered custom IT training programs that match your skill level!

Tier One: API’s Emerging Talent Instructional Program (ETIP) is designed around an individual that is a recent college graduate with up to 2 years of experience entering the discipline.

Tier Two: API’s Verified Experience Talent Instructional Program (VETIP) is designed around an individual that has verified experience of 2.5 to 5 years in the discipline.

Tier Three: API’s Verified Professional Talent Instructional Program (VPTIP) is designed around an individual that has verified professional experience of at least 5.5 years in the discipline.

Turn sound business analysis into a skills road map with custom IT training solutions!

API’s IT training solutions help you ensure that software projects don’t fail. Our extensive training programs support whole-team success, from business analysts to senior IT professionals. API Systems, Inc. offers IIBA-accredited business analyst training, Java programmer training, SAP training and .NET training.

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