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General ITWhen your technology becomes a question mark, API Systems is the answer. API Systems general IT services are laser focused on enabling your business to meet its critical goals. Whether its an assessment, a rip and replace or an optimization, API solves your problems. From servers and storage to infrastructure and networking, our team of professionals has the skills and training to modernize and simplify your data center. For more information, click here.

Managed ServicesManaged Services by API allows you to put your focus on your business and not on your data center. If, like most enterprises, your IT department is understaffed and overworked, lean on the professionals at API Systems to improve productivity, save you money and provide the service your business deserves. Pick from any of our products and let API Systems create the Managed Service package for you. For more information, click here.

EUC UpdatedDo you need access to all applications, data and printers—even when you’re away from your desk (or your desktop)? Today’s device-driven work environment requires highly adaptable virtual systems. API Systems, Inc., a pioneer in the field of desktop virtualization, provides any device, anywhere computing. The virtual systems we build are the most efficient and cost effective way to address your future technology needs.  For more information, click here.

Converged InfrastructureThere’s no denying that change is impacting data centers around the world. The virtual is displacing the physical and software development is driving new business solutions. Eliminate legacy storage and the high costs associated with the old way of doing IT and trade it in for a simple, scalable appliance that is easy to set up and reduces your IT footprint. For more information, click here.

“We needed someone dedicated, someone that understood our environment. API Systems was the right choice.”

Read the case study.

Michael Sutter

Partner, Schectman Marks Devor

Cloud Solutions

DaaS by APIAPI Systems, Inc. has created a customer-centric approach to Desktop as a Service (DaaS) that has been developed over the last six years and deployed since 2010. We tailor the technology to the needs of the customer with BYOD, M&A and WAN a part of DaaS by API’s capabilities. In addition to the tailored technology fit, we use per-user consumption based pricing that allows the customer to control costs and pay as you grow. For more information, click here.
Cloud CollaborationWith Office 365, office collaboration is here for businesses of all sizes. When it comes to productivity, Office 365 makes it easier to get work done from anywhere, on any device and the latest version of any document exists in one central location. API Systems can seamlessly deploy Office 365 across your enterprise and bring the benefits of cloud collaboration to your team. For more information, click here.

cloud file storageAnywhere access is the hallmark of the cloud, but successful file sharing takes more than just setting up a Dropbox account. With our holistic take on IT and cloud we integrate sharing directly into your environment in a way that end users will experience seamlessly. For more information, click here.

Big DataData is exploding and getting insights from that data is key to business performance. Tools like Hadoop, Cloudera and Mongo are purpose built to mine big data for critical insights, but there are many variables to make a successful implementation. API Systems has the skills to build your database and ensure you get the business edge you need over the competition. For more information, click here.

Cloud MigrationAPI Systems, Inc. has leveraged its extensive experience with VDI, cloud-based systems and end user computing to help your business make the move to the cloud. As a standalone service or part of a Managed Services package, Cloud Migrations by API Systems are tailored to your specific business needs. We bridge the gaps between your IT department and your cloud service provider, ensuring a smooth migration. For more information, click here.

API Systems, Inc.’s Cloud Solutions are custom fit to the client’s needs. Control costs, build productivity and take advantage of our holistic approach to get the seamless services you want and the critical insights you need in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape.

Workforce Solutions

Staff AugStaff Augmentation by API enables today’s most competitive businesses to get the most qualified staff to meet project objectives and to satisfy specific business goals. With Staff Augmentation by API, you get highly qualified IT professionals for your project or managed service needs. Plus it helps you minimize risks and maximize results. For more information, click here.
Statement of WorkWith API Systems Statement of Work staffing practice, we fill those in-between contract slots that are so crucial for business success. We train to your specifications and meet all EEOC and diversity requirements. For more information, click here.
Workforce DevelopmentTop globally-focused enterprises use API Systems, Inc.’s Workforce Development to effectively identify, evaluate and train the best entry-level IT professionals. Competitive forward-thinking businesses rely on Workforce Development because we introduce top-quality IT professionals to globally-focused, expanding companies, accelerate productivity and performance to improve ROI. For more information, click here.

API’s proprietary six-phase Workforce Development program has a better than 90 percent track record of placements transitioning into full-time employees and client payroll savings in excess of $2 million.

For more information, see the case study.

Training Solutions

Developer TrainingAPI’s Developer Training programs offer the latest techniques in creating web and mobile applications. Get your team up to speed in how asp.net WebForms applications interact with a Web API rest service or how to incorporate the use of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax into your Web Forms application. Whether you need a developer training curriculum for database design, web application development, systems integration to cloud applications, mobile app development, or software product development, we have the experience and expertise to ready your team. For more information, click here.
Vendor TrainingKeeping your staff up to date on the latest vendor software can be expensive and time-consuming. With a deep pool of subject matter experts and customizable curricula,  API can keep your employees up to date on the newest versions of your vendor software, including: Oracle, Microsoft products, SAP and more, and we do it within your budget. Our custom training sessions are based on real world scenarios and developed around your unique operational needs. We can build custom programs for your Oracle, Microsoft and SAP training needs. For more information, click here.
Business ProcessHow do you ensure project success? Our highly customizable IT training programs begin at the core of the requirements gathering process and the role of the Business Analyst . The Business Analyst, also known as a Systems Analyst,BA,  Requirements Analyst, or Requirements Engineer, plays a key role in every software development project. A well-trained, experienced Business Analyst can bring structure and order to the requirements gathering process, improving the success rate of software projects. For more information, click here.
Infrastructure TrainingAfter more than 20 years in the IT business we have developed a solid understanding of the enterprise IT environment and what it takes to support it. We offer IT infrastructure training solutions on cloud topics such as   Microsoft Server Virtualization, service infrastructure components for designing, deploying, and managing composite application in the Oracle SOA Suite as well as how to build, ship, and run distributed applications, whether on laptops, data center VMs, or the cloud. For more information, click here.

With our knowledge of the enterprise IT environment and our ability to analyze requirements, create project plans and recruit top IT professionals, we’ve developed a unique training approach. Our custom training systems are based on real world scenarios that are developed around your business’s operational needs.

About API Systems

The professionals of API Systems are here to support your business as it transforms for the future. We specialize in virtualization, end user computing, cloud enablement, professional staffing and training. At API Systems, Inc., we work closely with you to plan, design, develop, implement and manage technology solutions to improve productivity and profitability. We provide a range of IT SolutionsIT Training Solutions and Workforce Solutions that incorporate the latest in virtual systems, network infrastructure and application support. Our unique set of IT services partnerships enable us to deliver innovative technology solutions that enhance and streamline operations and increase profitability throughout your enterprise. Contact us today to take advantage of our services and take your enterprise to the cutting edge.

Featured Employee

Stephen Stetler

Stephen Stetler

Virtualization Architect

Stephen Stetler, a virtualization architect and OCTO member with 15 years of experience, holds a number of certifications including Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Administration, Nutanix Platform Professional, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Server Infrastructure, Citrix Certified Integration Architect and Citrix Certified Professional – Apps and Desktops.

Stetler is a proponent of API System’s “trusted consultant” business style and at a recent education session with junior staffers, he outlined the importance of a client’s trust.

“For users, it’s all about consistency of experience,” Stetler said. “When applications don’t work the way they should or they don’t appear in the anticipated manner, things can go downhill very quickly. That’s why it’s important to get things right from the word go, and that’s why intense planning and testing are so important.”

Stetler takes a carefully developed users first-approach to his work, something you don’t always find in the technology consultant space.

“It’s all about the users,” he said. “You can’t get so tied down in the tech that you don’t see the end result it has on the user experience. One of my recent clients had invested big money in a server based computing solution, but it wasn’t working. Through observation, planning and testing, I found the problem and implemented a solution that worked the first time and every time. When solutions work for the users, you earn their trust.”

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